Be Assertive - 7 Signs You're Not Assertive

A 30 minute mini-course that will reveal:

  1. 7 signs that you are not assertive enough
  2. Uncover words to use to be more assertive
  3. Identify assertive behaviors that will impact your message

Your Instructor

Teauna Upshaw
Teauna Upshaw

Successful talent manager driven to be a resource for aspiring professionals seeking to invest, excel and succeed. Teauna Upshaw resides in the State of Tennessee and executes a annual leadership conference, professional coaching workshops and is a DISC Behavioral Administrator through Profiling Pro. For more than 10 years and presently, she has the opportunity to lead individuals on a day to day basis at all levels of an organization in her role as a Human Resources Director Teauna delivers real-life content, not just theory.

Course Curriculum

  Be Assertive - 7 Signs You're Not Assertive
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